Six Things to Consider for Seniors Who Are Thinking of Moving

Monday Nov 20th, 2017


Deciding to move later in life can be a difficult decision. You've had a lot of moments and countless memories in the home you live in. The home where your children grew up, where family gathered and where you said hello and goodbye to your loved ones. The place you made your home and invested time, energy and money. Making the decision to right size for your current lifestyle can be emotional and tiring both mentally and physically. When looking into selling, buying or leasing real estate, seniors will find it beneficial to get as much help as needed. Here is some helpful information for seniors who are deciding to move.
1) Choose the Right Realtor
When choosing a realtor, look for an ASA (Accredited Senior Agent) designation. This designation means the Realtor has the ability to meet the specific needs of those who are 55 years and older. Using a realtor is a good decision in any real estate transaction, more so when you have specific needs. A realtor should be understanding, realistic, empathetic and experienced. A realtor should not be pushy, impatient, rushed or 'cold'. This can be very emotional for some people and a realtor needs to understand that sometimes, just a little time and comfort with smart decision making and planning can make all the difference. A Realtor should know about housing trends relevant to what their client is looking for. Choosing the right realtor will make moving and finding a new home less stressful and maybe even exciting. 
2) Know Your 'Why'
Sometimes a move may be your choice and sometimes it may be a necessity. Individuals and couples who choose to move may want the equity out of their home, want a change in lifestyle or see it fit to right size for their new circumstances. On the other hand, individuals and couples may need to move out of their home to ease their life or keep them safe. Seniors may be experiencing deterioration of health or may simply have trouble keeping up with all the tasks needed to be done in the home. Either reason is a great reason to move and you should clearly express your 'why' to your realtor.
3) Know Your 'Where'
Depending on your 'why' your 'where' could have endless possibilities. There are some great homes on the market and new ideas for senior living coming up everyday. Whether you're choosing to move for a change in lifestyle and wish to go abroad or want to simplify and enjoy life by finding a home near a quiet lake in a smaller town or move into a retirement center with assisted living, your realtor will be able to help you find your forever home. There are many senior communities and residences that meet the needs of everyone, from those who want to live a more active lifestyle to those who need assisted living. An experienced realtor will be able to help you make those connections in the community.
4) Have a Team
There is a lot to be done when moving. Cleaning, staging, advertising, financing, packing, moving and moving in. It can be overwhelming for just about everyone thinking of moving. Having a realtor with a successful and reliable team behind them that can help with the process can make the experience a little easier. Knowing cleaners, movers, bankers, having connections in the community and being able to stage can take a good weight off your shoulders. This is a stressful time without the added hassles, having honest help through it all is priceless.
5) Ask Questions
Ask questions even before the process begins. When choosing a realtor, ask them questions and interview different people to choose the right fit for you. When selling your home, ask your realtor any question, if they don't know the answer, they should be able to source someone who knows the answer. Ask your questions when they come up, there will be many decisionsto be made and this is a great way to stay informed and make sure your needs and wants can be met.
6)  Planning
Lastly, it's never too early to start planning.  Even if you aren't moving immediately it takes time to prepare your home and sell it.  It also takes time to research where your next new home will be.  Don't be afraid to get a consultation well in advance of making your decision.
Cathy Clark is an ASA agent who has helped many seniors in the GTA "Make the Next Move"  with ease and comfort. Contact Cathy today for a complimentary in-home cosultation and find out how she can help you or your loved ones achieve a "stress free" move.


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